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Video: Blackhawks Andrew Shaw Slugs it out with Stars Antoine Roussel

December 03, 2013

Hockey fights are a thing of beauty for sports fans. Sorry, I don't buy into the whole "it's too violent," debate. Just like the old days, you settle your differences with your fists. Hockey has been like that forever, and it should stay that way. 

Earlier tonight, in the 1st period of the Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks game, Andrew Shaw got into a scuffle with Antoine Roussel at center ice. 

Roussel was winning early, but watch as Shaw gets his head back out of his own jersey, like a turtle in a shell, and just blasts Roussel until the refs intervene and take Shaw to the ice. 

Shaw got up after a lecture from the ref who tackled him, and saluted the Chicago crowd which went nuts. 

Watch here: 

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