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Fan Bets Life Savings on 49ers and Bengals So He Can Move to the Bay Area

November 09, 2013

Sometimes you got to just say screw everything, and gamble your life savings on two NFL games. That's what has happened according to a 49ers sub-reddit  by user YouveJustBeenTanked. 

He declares, I put $65k on the 49ers to cover and parlayed it with the Bengals to try to turn it into $224k. "Yeah, it's just about everything I have. If I win I'm moving to the Bay area and getting an SBL at the new stadium."

A screenshot of the large wager is below. For those who are unfamiliar with gambling lingo, a parlay is two or more wagers tied together. If any of the bets lose, the parlay loses. 

He has the Bengals -1 and the 49ers -6. If either does not cover the number, he loses $65,000. The ticket looks to have been placed at the offshore book, Bovada

Good luck getting a quarter of a million at once, from an offshore book, and avoiding the tax man. Sounds like he thinks he can just cash out a quarter of a million, then use it to buy season tickets and property in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Good luck. 

Oh, and although my wager is nowhere near as large as his....we disagree. Check out My Sunday NFL Game of the Year where I have taken the Baltimore Ravens +2. 


I got in touch with Bovada Sportsbook because some were questioning if this bet was valid because Bovada has $1,000 limits on parlays. While this is true, Bovada can raise a player's limit at any time. 

They would not confirm or deny this wager because I was not the owner of the account that placed it. I guess that's a good thing. At least some companies out there value your privacy. 

Here's their official response to my inquiry: 

Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

We understand that you would like to clarify on the wager posted on the social media site you have provided us with and we greatly appreciate the opportunity you have given to clarify this. In as much as we wanted to provide specific details about your request, we are sorry to let you know that we are unable to do so as details of that wager can only be discussed with its owner.

It is safe to note that as a sportsbook, we do have betting limits provided for each sport that you would like to place a wager on as we primarily cater for recreational gamers. We also try our best to balance the action on both sides, post lines late and keep our limits low to discourage professional and syndicate betting. This means that we do not get as much buyback on the dog and under as other books that cater to those players would. Due to this business decision, we are able to provide a unique gaming experience to our clients as well as give out the best bonuses possible.

Please note that the bet limits shown on our 'Help' section is used as a guideline as those limits may be different per player. This depends on their account standing, their wagering patterns as well as their current balance. Our betting system also detects if a particular wager would be considered as an 'Over the limit' wager. This means that the attempted risking amount is going over the limits applicable for that particular line. If this happens, the wager would be subject for review by our Book Managers, which would then decide if it will be allowed or not depending on the action we have for that event.

We hope this information answers your inquiry and if you need further assistance Customer Service Team is available 24/7.

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