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College Football Playoff: TCU Dropping to #6 is Nonsense

December 07, 2014

So the committee has made their decision on the final four teams for the College Football Playoff. My god, I'm not even a TCU fan or alum and I'm furious. How in the world does TCU get bumped two spots?

Just one week ago, on December 2nd, the committee had TCU at #3, Ohio State at #5, and Baylor at #6. Final rankings are as follows: #1 Alabama, #2 Oregon, #3 Florida State, #4 Ohio State, #5 Baylor, #6 TCU.

Wait, what? TCU dropped 2 spots and Baylor is now ahead of them? How and why? Baylor beat Kansas State 38-27 for a share of the Big 12 title. TCU demolished Iowa State in their final game 55-3, and they dropped 2 spots...how does that make sense?

Don't get me wrong, Ohio State's 59-0 drubbing of Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship was impressive...but let's look at the overall picture here.

TCU wins:

Beat #4 Oklahoma by 4 points, beat #15 Oklahoma State by 33 points, beat #20 West Virginia on the road by 1 point, win over #7 Kansas State by 21. Their only blemish...losing to then #5 Baylor, at Baylor, by three lousy points.

Now let's look at Ohio State's accomplishments...

Beat #8 Michigan State on the road by 12 points, beat #25 Minnesota by 7 points. All other Buckeye wins aren't even worth looking at, as they were all cupcakes (Navy, Kent, Cincy, Maryland, Rutgers, Penn State, Illinois, Michigan). Oh, and let's not forget...Ohio State LOST to an UNRANKED Virginia Tech team by 14...AT HOME. 

To make my case even more convincing, these two have a common opponent. The Minnesota Gophers. TCU beat Minnesota 30-7, and Ohio State squeezed by the Gophers by a final score of 31-24. 

Soooooo, outside of the Wisconsin game, where and how does Ohio State look like the more deserving team over TCU? Show me.

I don't even understand Baylor being ranked higher than them to be honest with you. I guess the committee just said, "well, Baylor beat them earlier in the year so they are better." TCU had a better season than Baylor in my opinion, and had more impressive wins. Baylor lost to West Virginia (TCU beat them) and they should have lost to Texas Tech. They won 48-46 as 27-point favorites. Texas Tech is TERRIBLE. 

So, TCU's only loss this season is against Baylor and it occurred on October 11th...Baylor lost the following week, on October 18th, against an opponent TCU beat. So, how does their loss to Baylor cost them not only a shot at the 4-team playoff, but also two whole spots in the rankings?? That's terrible, I just don't understand the logic in this. Makes no sense to me. 

Well, it makes sense in a way that this whole thing is really about money and ratings and the committee wanted a nice diversity of conferences representing their first ever playoff style tournament. 

Pac-12, SEC, ACC, and the Big Ten. Look at that. West Coast, the South, and the Midwest regions all covered. Just how they want it. This is really exciting for college football fans, but it's even more exciting to the corporate fat cats, the sponsors, and everybody in between, excluding the actual players on the field, who will get a piece of this Bowl Bonanza.

Ohio State fans, congratulations on making it to the first ever College Football Playoff. Impressive win over Wisconsin for sure, but be prepared for Nick Saban and Alabama. They are going to DESTROY your team and any National Championship hopes that you may have. That is all.

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Iggy's NFL Game of the Year Wager

December 06, 2014

It's that time of the year again, folks. The NFL regular season is winding down and I have yet to provide one of my infamous "Game of the Year" wagers. The time is now.

For those who don't follow the blog or follow me on twitter, I hit last season's game of the year on the Baltimore Ravens -3 over the Cincinnati Bengals way back on November 9th of 2013. It's called a "Game of the Year" because I truly only make this type of wager once a season. 

Ok, now that I have your attention, let's get to the game. 

New England Patriots (-3.5) vs. San Diego Chargers

The Patriots travel to San Diego for an under the lights prime time matchup. The Chargers have won three straight, including a big 34-33 road win against the Baltimore Ravens last week. The Patriots look to avoid back-to-back losses for the first time since September of 2012. Brady and Co. just couldn't get it going at Lambeau Field against the Packers, losing 26-20 in Week 13.

The Patriots have basically looked immortal at home, while looking average on the road. The Patriots are 3-3 this season away from Foxboro, and Brady has been held in check, throwing 257 yards or less in five of those games. 

On the other side of the table, Chargers QB Philip Rivers has been outstanding at home this season. Rivers has thrown for 1,638 yards, 13 touchdowns, and has gone 5-1 in 6 home games this year. He has also thrown for over 300 yards in his past three meetings against the Patriots. Rivers also has a career record of 30-6 in the month of December. 

The momentum and the venue certainly gives the Chargers the edge in those aspects of the game, but don't be so fast to back the Chargers to make it four straight. Philip Rivers might be very successful in the month of December, but the truth is, he can't beat Tom Brady. He's 0-5 against him lifetime, and the Patriots have the edge in talent on both sides of the ball.

In last week's loss to the Packers, you could see what the Patriots were doing wrong. The Patriots were simply giving Aaron Rodgers way too much time in the pocket, allowing him to scramble and find the open man when it mattered. You won't see that this week. Philip Rivers is a great quarterback, but his mobility compared to Rodgers' is not even close.

The Patriots are in the top half of the league in both sacks and interceptions. Rivers has turned the ball over eight times in the past five games, and always seems to have that one boneheaded interception. I'm sure he will be good for at least one, maybe two against this secondary. 

Speaking of the Patriots secondary, Revis will have Keenan Allen on lockdown, and the Chargers don't have many options other than Antonio Gates. The Patriots have only allowed two receiving touchdowns by wide receivers in the past four games, so where will the Chargers production come from? Do they try feeding Ryan Mathews who has come on strong the past two games? Mabye. But it still won't be enough to beat this defense in my opinion.

Let's look at both defenses and how they have fared in the past five games. The Patriots have played the Packers, Lions, Colts, Broncos, and Bears. Packers put up 26 at home, Lions were stumped scoring only 9, the Colts put up 20 at home, the high and mighty Broncos scored 21, and the lowly Bears put up a 23 spot. Patriots forced 6 turnovers and scored 2 defensive touchdowns in that five game span.

The Chargers may have a 3-game win streak, but their defense has been pretty horrid this season. San Diego has beaten the Ravens, Rams, and Raiders, and lost to the Dolphins and Broncos. In that five game span, they have allowed: 33, 24, 6, 37, and 35 points. They only game where they really looked impressive on the defensive side of the ball was against the Raiders...which is basically saying the sky is blue. 

San Diego has only forced four turnovers in the past six games, and surprisingly enough...all four came against the Rams and Raiders! When they aren't playing either of those two cupcake teams, the Chargers defense is swiss cheese. They gave up 33 to the Ravens last week, and Tannehill and the Dolphins put up 37 on them in week 9 at home. 135 points allowed in the last five is a problem for any team, I'm not sure how the Chargers correct that this week.

New England has averaged 37.3 points and 421.4 yards per game in the past eight contests versus the Chargers. A HUGE edge in this game goes to the Patriots offense and especially Rob Gronkowski. Why? Because he will wreak havoc on the Chargers weak linebackers.

Seriously, look at the Chargers depth at linebacker. Jarrett Johnson? Average defender in coverage and slow off the edge. Manti Te'o? Ha, no chance. Donald Butler is about all they have in terms of speed and even him, nor Dwight Freeney, will stand a chance against Brady and his choice of Rob Gronkowski and/or Timmy Wright.

Tom Brady vs. Philip Rivers: Edge Patriots

Chargers RBs (Mathews and Oliver) vs. Patriots RBs (Vereen, Blount, Gray, Bolden): Edge Patriots

Chargers WRs (Allen, Floyd, Royal) vs. Patriots WRs (LaFell, Edelman, Amendola) Edge PUSH

Chargers TEs (Gates, Green) vs. Patriots TEs (Gronkowski, Wright): Edge Patriots

Defense: Edge Patriots

Coaching: Edge Patriots

Yes, the Chargers are riding a 3-game win streak, yes they are at home in prime time with playoff position on the line, but none of that matters to me. The Chargers are totally outclassed in my opinion. On both sides of the ball. Patriots coming off a loss, plus Rivers' shortcomings against Brady throughout his career are enough for me to lay the wood on the Patriots.

New England will put up 30+ in this game, and their defense will stymie Rivers and his weak arsenal of weapons. Patriots win 31-20.

My NFL game of the year is the New England Patriots -3.5 (-110)

Fade or tail, best of luck to all gamblers and all fantasy players this weekend. Remember, bet with your head, not your heart!

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NFL Week 11: Top 5 Bets

November 15, 2014

So, every Friday, I go on Miss V's Fantasy Season Pass show hosted by Dash Radio and give my top 5 NFL picks. For those who missed the show, here they are. Tail or fade, best of luck in week 11.

Play #1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Redskins (-7)

I find this spread to be suspect. The Redskins really shouldn't be favored by seven over anybody, yet the line has moved to -7.5 at some books. As explained on the show, 3 and 7 are key numbers when gambling on football. When the bookies move the line from 3 to 3.5 or 7 to 7.5, you autoplay the favorite, or at least that's been my philosophy and it's been profitable over the years. 

The last seven games between these two teams have been decided by six points or less, and last three have been decided by a combined six points. So, please tell me why the Redskins are 7-point chalks today? Because they win by double digits, that's why. Oh, and Redskins won't see their home field again until December 7th against the Rams. Look for them to get a big home win today knowing they won't be back for quite some time. Redskins 30 Buccaneers 17.

Play #2

Cincinnati Bengals vs. New Orleans Saints (-7)

The New Orleans Saints are simply a different animal at home. Drew Brees is 11-1 last 12 home games with 4,102 passing yards and 37 touchdowns. The Bengals are simply a mess. Giovanni Bernard's absence hurts the Bengals chances today, and their lack of getting to the quarterback (29th in sacks) will allow Brees to have a field day. Also, Saints are 26-0 under Sean Payton when they do not commit a turnover. If Brees has time in the pocket, and there are no dumb mistakes made by the playmakers, this will be a long day for Bengals backers. Saints in a must-win situation, as the horrid NFC South is still up for grabs. Look for the Saints to avoid a rare 2-game losing streak in the dome and get a win to stay in the hunt. Saints 34 Bengals 21.

Play #3

San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) vs. New York Giants

Aldon Smith returns for the 49ers after a nine-game suspension. Not good news for a struggling Giants offense that has had issues with keeping turnovers to a minimum. At 3-6, the Giants season is all but over. At 5-4, the 49ers need this win to keep their playoff hopes alive. More bad news for New York, as their leading tackler, LB Jacquian Williams, has a concussion and will not play after being sent home earlier in the week. The Giants historically are not a good bet in the month of November, going 19-44-2 against the spread in their last 65 games, and 4-13 against the spread last 17 in week 11. 49ers 27 Giants 21.

Play #4

Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns (-3.5)

Maybe Ryan Mallett will evolve into a great quarterback at some point, I just don't think it starts tomorrow in the Dawg Pound. Mallett will take over for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has struggled all season. Problem I have here, is that Mallett will be doing it without star running back Arian Foster, who has already been ruled out. Browns defense is legit, and Foster is the Texans main playmaker. Now it goes into the hands of a guy who has four career pass attempts. One of them being completed, one being intercepted. 

Good news for the Browns secondary, as their star safety Tashaun Gipson has been cleared to play. Let's also throw in the fact that Ben Tate played second fiddle to Foster in Houston for years. I'm sure Tate will want to make a big impact in this game. Let the good times roll for Cleveland as Hoyer and co. get it done at home against a team with a new quarterback and a depleted rushing attack. Browns 24 Texans 17.

Play #5

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (-2.5)

Ugh, this is one of those games where I'm not looking at past matchups or recent performances. Nobody in their right mind should back the Bears right now, so I won't blame you if you fade this play. Here's the deal...the Bears STINK right now. Marc Trestman is over his head as an NFL head coach, Mel Tucker is one of the worst defensive coordinators of all-time, and the only thing elite about Jay Cutler is his paycheck. The Bears have yet to win a game at Soldier Field, and heads will roll if they lose this week to the Vikings. It's that simple. If the Bears want to save their coach(es) then they show up today. If they want to save face and make the fans happy, they show up today. 

Shockingly, the last time Chicagoans saw a home win, was December 9th of last year against the Cowboys. That's gross. Far too many times have we seen this in Chicago. What is supposed to be a positive season with high hopes, quickly turns into another disappointing year with no chance at the playoffs. We saw it in the Lovie Smith era multiple times. Rattle off a few meaningless wins, finishing 7-9, 8-8, and miss the playoffs. Matter of fact, I remember a game where Lovie beat the Vikings to finish 8-8 already eliminated from playoff contention. I think it cost the Bears 4 spots in the draft. Anyways, look for the same result here. Bears will click on offense, god help the defense. Bears 35 Vikings 31. 

*Side note on the Bears game. If you aren't comfortable with the Bears -2.5, the over 47 should be good as well.

Don't forget to turn in to Miss V's show every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday as we talk fantasy football, game picks, and more. You can also catch Sportsblog partners Terez Owens and Juan Elway on the show with the latest sports gossip and best fantasy football advice around.

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Monday Morning Hangover: What Now, Bears Fans?

November 10, 2014

After a 55-14 shellacking, courtesy of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, it's time to reconsider the Bears' potential and future moving forward. There was so much hope. So much excitement and anticipation heading into the season. All gone. Poof. Up into the brisk Wisconsin air it went on Sunday night.

I'm not going to bother with some sort of "recap" of Sunday night's  game, no need for it. The Bears were manhandled by the Packers and Rodgers made them look foolish, AGAIN. He threw six touchdowns in the first half and probably could have thrown six more if he wanted to.

Heads should roll in the morning, plain and simple. If I don't wake up to some sort of news on defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, and/or head coach Marc Trestman being fired, I'm going to walk to Halas Hall and start a picket line. You're more than welcomed to join me.

The Bears have surrendered 106 points in the last two games. ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SIX. Members of the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons are probably dancing in their graves. For those that don't know who that is (don't worry I won't hold it against you), that was the last NFL team to give up 50+ points in back-to-back games.

The 1923 Rochester Jeffersons

Somebody should let Marc Trestman and Mel Tucker know that football in Chicago isn't some joke, go coach in Oakland if you're ok with results like this. I've been alive for 30 years, and I've seen quite a few bad Bears teams. I've also seen some very good ones. This 2014 team is by far one of the worst I've witnessed. The entire team is in complete shambles. The Bears have no identity, no leader, no passion, no nothing. I've never seen anything like it.

So, step number one is obviously firing Mel Tucker. You can't give up 106 points in back-to-back games and keep your job. You accomplished something a team hasn't done in 90 years, Mel. The Rochester Jeffersons, Mel! Oh, and Aaron Rodgers completed 18 passes last night....six of them reached the end zone. Imagine if he completed 18 more...

Marc Trestman is also on the hot seat, maybe you don't can him just yet, but the guy seems to be over his head. Trestman can't seem to adjust during games, and he did not have his team ready off a bye week against a division rival. Not only a division rival, but our mortal enemies, the Green Bay Packers.

Starting with the home opener loss to the Buffalo Bills and the guy (E.J. Manuel) who got benched for Kyle Orton, Trestman has not had the Bears prepared for games. Despite the repetitive rhetoric to the media of "good practices," the Bears have gradually gotten worse as the season has progressed. He's done next to nothing to fix problems on both sides of the ball. He's incompetent as far as I can see.

Bears fans are a patient bunch, as the team hasn't been to the playoffs in almost 5 years, and it's been 30 since they have hoisted the Lombardi trophy. Despite the organizations shortcomings, Bears Nation has remained strong, the fan base travels well and home games are always sold out. The passion and love for the team runs deep, and there's always been one golden rule (or at least in my family), if you aren't going to contend, or be a playoff team, there is one thing you must do to keep us happy. BEAT THE PACKERS. Even Lovie Smith knew that. Apparently, Trestman and Cutler haven't gotten that memo.

Not only are their coaching issues, but I'm going to be brutally honest here and some hard-headed Bears fans will scold me for this. Jay Cutler and his massive contract have set this franchise back. Don't you dare yell, "the offensive line doesn't give him enough time. Or, "he has nobody to throw the ball to!" Those excuses won't work anymore.

The Bears offensive line isn't perfect, but it sure as hell is an upgrade from what it was a few years ago. The duo of Marshall and Jeffrey is one of the best in the league, Martellus Bennett is a top tight end, and Matt Forte is one of the best dual-threat backs in the game. So someone please tell me how you can still sit here and back Jay Cutler until you turn blue in the face?

I'm not saying the Bears should release Jay Cutler or try to trade him. I realize that's not going to happen or should happen. YET. But it's time to sit Jay Cutler and see what Jimmy Clausen can do for the rest of this season, because let's face it folks. It's over. 2014 is finished. 

Cutler is the Bears franchise quarterback, he's here for the next half a decade, so what now? How many more weapons can you give a guy? How many more coaches must the Bears rifle through before they find a system that finally works for Jay Cutler?

When do the Bears start to consider other options at quarterback for the future? What is it going to take for the executives and front office to draft a good young quarterback via the draft like most successful teams in the NFL have done? Each year the Bears grasp and reach for journeymen backups and draft no-name quarterbacks who end up being cut before the season begins.

Phil Emery should be paranoid as well, he's got all the tools, but has not executed with his coaching decisions nor his ability to land much talent in the draft. Yes, he did acquire Brandon Marshall, he did draft Alshon Jeffery and Kyle Fuller, but he has certainly missed on quite a few draft picks not to mention completely ignoring the quarterback situation.

Shea McClellin wasn't even a player who fit our scheme and Emery still selected him. As a defensive end, who is now trying his way at linebacker. In that same 2012 draft, Emery did get Alshon Jeffery in the 2nd round, and then missed on almost every other pick that year drafting: Brandon Hardin, Evan Rodriquez, Isaiah Frey, and Greg McCoy. All of these guys were busts. 

Emery has already publicly stated that he won't take a quarterback late in the draft because he has a theory that "they don't pan out." Yet, he drafted David Fales in the 6th round of the 2014 NFL Draft only to cut him, and also signed undrafted NIU QB Jordan Lynch.

It boggles my mind that they are so sure of things working out with Cutler. It's not like they just acquired him, Jay has been the Bears quarterback since 2009. It's 2014 and the franchise has accomplished NOTHING. Not even regular season wins against the Packers let alone playoff appearances. With only 3 wins, sitting in dead last in the NFC North, I don't see why the Bears don't tank the rest of the season and get the highest draft pick possible, which can be used to take a quarterback. 

Also, Tim Jennings...what happened to you man? Didn't you make the Pro Bowl two years in a row and weren't you considered to be a shutdown corner? 13 interceptions combined in 2012 and 2013, Jennings has ZERO interceptions in 2014 and gets burned on a weekly basis.

An organization once known for their defense, the Bears now go down in the record books as one of the worst in the modern era, right next to the friggin' Rochester Jeffersons of 1923. 

The "Monsters of the Midway" have been laid to rest. The Chicago Bears defense is now the laughingstock of the NFL. Thanks, Mel. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Bye, Marc. You aren't a bad coach, you just aren't a good head coach. Not in the NFL at least. 

Take a seat Jay...just like they say on the North Side of Chicago in the summer, "there's always next year."

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2014 Breeders' Cup: My Father-in-Law Won $20,000 on One Race

November 01, 2014

So, earlier today was the 2014 Breeders' Cup. To be honest, I did not wager on any of the races. I'm very active for the Triple Crown, but a 1-year old birthday party today had me occupied. That didn't stop my father-in-law from placing a few wagers though, and boy did he make it count.

I left the birthday party early because I had work, but he told me to call him when the results come in. My eyes lit up when I hit the results button on my phone.

In the 7th race, the Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint, there was a horse called "Bobby's Kitten." My father-in-law's name is Bobby. So, naturally, he places a $30 wager on the horse to WP. For those who aren't hip to horse lingo, that's a WIN, PLACE wager. He also goes ahead and places numerous exotic bets. A few exactas, a few trifectas, and even a superfecta. All with Bobby's Kitten on top.

Well, guess what? He hit ALL OF THEM. Not only did Bobby's Kitten win, he hit every exotic bet he took including the same exact superfecta... FOUR TIMES. And he didn't even know it until I called him.

"Hey, I think you won the 7th, Bobby's Kitten came in first," I told him. "Iggs, you sure? Who came in second?" I tell him, the #14 horse, No Nay Never." "Oh my god, ok who came in third?" I tell him the #11 horse, Undrafted. 

Now I can hear the excitement in his voice..."Oh my god iggs I think I just hit all of my bets, wait...wait, who came in fourth? I bet the superfecta four times." I tell him "the #15, Ageless." 

Whole entire room explodes into laughter and joy, the man just swept the 7th race in the Breeders' Cup. He cleared over $20,000 on the race and only risked a total of $366. Check out the bets, I took a screenshot of all of them including the ending balance. All wagers were placed on TVG, and they took the taxes out immediately! What a Saturday it was for Bobby!


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Julius Randle Suffers Broken Leg in Debut; Kobe Calls Dwight "Soft"

October 28, 2014
Tough break for the 19-year old rookie Julius Randle who was making his NBA debut

The new look Lakers kicked off their 2014-15 season against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center on Tuesday night. The result was both embarrassing and tragic. 

Lakers first round draft pick, Julius Randle, has suffered a broken leg according to the Lakers medical staff. Randle drove to the hoop and went down in what looked to be a non-contact play. Seems to just be a terrible freak injury.

The rookie was showing obvious signs of discomfort as the trainers and entire Lakers team hovered around him. He was eventually carted off the court visibly upset. He was taken to a local hospital with his leg in an aircast. 

The Lakers kept the game competitive for about 2.5 quarters, but the game eventually got away from them in the second half. They just simply don't have the talent to hang with teams that are superior to them, Kobe or no Kobe. Rockets won the game 108-90.

Despite the ugly loss, there was some excitement in the fourth quarter, as things got a little testy between two former teammates, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. The internet exploded after this scuffle:

Looks like Dwight throws a cheap elbow at Kobe. They bickered back and forth at each other. Kobe called him "SOFT" and told him to "DROP IT." Don't forget, this was the first time these two played on the same court since Howard left the Lakers.

Prayers go out to Julius Randle, hopefully he has a speedy recovery. He's only 19 years old, so hopefully he can bounce back in a positive way. No official word from the Lakers since the game ended, we will update as the story develops.

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Fantasy Football Week 8 Start 'em, Sit 'em (Quarterbacks)

October 22, 2014

Is it me, or has this NFL season literally flown by? Week 8 already? We are officially at the halfway point of the season, and the next few weeks will determine if you are headed towards your league's playoff bracket. 

For those who haven't read my fantasy football stuff in the past, I'm not here to waste anyone's time by stating the obvious, that's not what I do. Before you set your lineups, take a look at my week 8 fantasy football start 'em, sit 'em for quarterbacks. There's some value to be found, and some heavily-owned QB's that you should be shying away from this weekend. 

Good luck in week 8, folks.

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Fantasy Football Week 8 Start 'em, Sit 'em (Running Backs)

October 22, 2014
Slideshow: Hard to believe we are now halfway through the fantasy football season as we approach week 8. Sort of depressing if you ask me. Backfields have been turned upside down this season, causing some owners to rip their hair out as they tirelessly scour the waiver wire looking for help.

Running back has certainly been one of the toughest positions to figure out this fantasy football season. Suspensions and injuries have turned some backfields, and probably some fantasy players, upside down. 

For those who haven't read my fantasy football stuff in the past, I assure you, I'm not here to waste your time and state the obvious. I look for value and usually fade public perception when I think someone is being overvalued. Good luck in week 8, and don't hesitate to ask any fantasy-related questions that you may have.

Related Fantasy Football articles: Week 8 Start 'em, Sit 'em (Quarterbacks)

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Written by: WindyCity iGGY

Floyd Mayweather Finally Posts a Losing Ticket, Lost $20K on Texans

October 20, 2014
Texans cost Floyd $20,000 on Monday night.

Floyd Mayweather loves to flash his money and post his winning tickets, but it's rare to see him post a losing ticket. 

This past Sunday, Floyd collected $1.56 million on the Arizona Cardinals -3.5 over the Oakland Raiders. He boasted over social media, posting the ticket and the caption "$1,561,904.76." 

It wasn't 1.5 million, but Floyd did indeed give some of his weekend winnings back to the bookies in Vegas on Monday night. Floyd wagered $20,000 to collect $45,000 on the Houston Texans moneyline of +125 over the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

For those who aren't hip to gambling, a moneyline wager is a straight up bet, no spread involved. The Texans were 3-point underdogs in Las Vegas Monday night. Wouldn't have mattered either way, as the Texans lost 30-23.

The Texans were up 13-0 in the first half before the Pittsburgh Steelers exploded for 24 straight points in less than 3 minutes. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall watching Floyd witness the first half meltdown by the Texans. Then again, $20K to Floyd is like $20....at least he posted a losing ticket for once.

In other news, shoutout to Cousin Sal for hitting his fifth best bet in a row! Let's see if he can make it six next week.

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Shock Video: Indian Soccer Player Dies after Celebrating Goal

October 20, 2014

Ran across a truly upsetting video this morning about a soccer player dying after scoring a goal. His name was Peter Biaksangzuala. A defensive midfielder for India's Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, which plays in India's Mizoram Premier League..

Biaksangzuala's game-tying goal occurred in the 62nd minute, after a free kick bounced off the crossbar, he was able to tap it home from point-blank range. Excitement and happiness ensued directly after the goal, with Biaksangzuala cartwheeling and attempting to do what looked like a flip.

His teammates surrounded him, but the joy quickly turned into concern, as medics were called onto the field. Something was terribly wrong with the 23-year old kid who just scored a big goal for his club.

Biaksangzuala landed on his head when he was celebrating, resulting in severe spinal damage. The 23-year old spent five days in intensive care, but sadly he eventually passed due to his injuries. 

The soccer club released a statement on their facebook page and retired his jersey (#21). 

-Michael Lalremtluanga
Bethlehem Vengthlang FC midfielder Peter Biaksangzuala lost his fight for survival after he suffered a fatal injury while celebrating his goal. It has been a sad day for Mizoram football and the demise of the footballer shook his teammates, footballers and fans alike all over Mizoram. Peter's club Bethlehem Vengthlang FC will retire his jersey no. 21.
On Sunday at around 7:00am in Aizawl Civil Hospital, Peter was pronounced dead five days after that fateful night while playing for his team in the Mizoram Premier League. The Club and fans paid their last respect for the lad from Khawzawl at Bethlehem Vengthlang YMA Hall. Then they moved on to Peter's current residence in Aizawl Venglai before they left for his hometown, Khawzawl in the evening.
Peter was a defensive midfielder who had always been aggressive and hard working, a true team player. Like most defensive midfielders, he was excellent at reading the game, breaking up attacks and protecting his defenders. He was not known to score many goals. In the first season of the Mizoram Premier League in 2012/2013, he was the key player for FC Kulikawn and his talents were recognized by that season champions Dinthar FC who he signed for in the second season. Peter played his role in helping his new club reach the 2013 Independence Day Football final. He signed for a Shillong club Nangkiew Irat before he finally joined the new boys of the third and current season of the Mizoram Premier League team Bethlehem Vengthlang FC.
Bethlehem Vengthlang FC started the campaign better than most expected and after four rounds they have six points and third on the table. On October 14, they faced Chanmari West FC and Peter scored his first goal in the league at 62 minutes which was also the equalizer. He was delighted to score an important goal and celebrated his goal by flipping but unfortunately made an awkward land. He was rushed to Aizawl Civil Hospital.
Peter's injury and his condition was one of the most talked about news in the social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Fans, players and everyone who knew about the incident were deeply moved by his unfortunate accident and prayed for his recovery and survival. A CT Scan was done right after he was taken to the hospital and the result showed that the injury inflicted on the spinal cord was quite serious. The doctors did their best to help him fight for his life.
The residents of Bethlehem Vengthlang supported Peter during that past few dark days. The club officials, his teammates as well as caring fans constantly visited him in the hospital and prayed for him. Many players from Mizoram Premier League clubs, the officials from Mizoram Football Association and many people who care about him and local football were there for Peter till his last breath. Mizoram Football Association hired two buses for the friends, families and closed ones of Peter that had taken them to Khawzawl for the funeral.
Bethlehem Vengthlang coach Danny Lalduhawma said, "Peter was a lad with good manner who always maintained his discipline on and off the pitch. I don't think there are many like him". The words of praise from the coach was chorused and echoed by the players who were lucky enough to play with him and the other coaches who worked with him.
In this life, one is required to make many very worldly decisions. Sometimes we take risks and sometimes we take opinions of experienced people. But the only fact on which you will rely when you decide to donate your eyes to the blind, is a good heart. And Peter had a good heart. He donated his eyes for a suffering blind person and he had that desire to help him or her see the world and lead and enjoy a normal life. Peter while he was in the hospital bed told Bethlenhem Vengthlang secretary Lalruatfela ''Sir, I'll be with God'' and the last entry in his diary was from the Bible -2 Chronicles 16:9 - "For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His."
Peter's father Mr. P. Vanlalchhuana said, "I wanted my son to serve God since the day he was born. His interest in football was undeniable so I allowed him to pursue his career in the sport that he loved. I feel he did a fine job and through football he somehow managed to speak to the heart of the people concerned . He maintained his discipline and stayed away from all the bad habits as far as I'm concerned and he set a good example for sportsmen which is important,". Mr. Vanlalchhuana was thankful to the people who mourned the death of his son. Bethlehem Vengthlang FC President R. Lalthatluanga was also thankful to the officials of Mizoram Football Association, the officials and players of the eight Mizoram Premier League clubs, the residents of Bethlehem Vengthlang and all those people who cared about Peter.
As Peter sleeps, the world can rest in the knowledge that someone out there would be able to see and the football pitch will always be one man down. And heaven has gained a defensive midfielder; apart from the hard tackles and the breaking up of attacks, goal celebrations will never be painful anymore. Goodbye Peter.

May that young man rest in peace. Prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

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